House Rules


  • No smoking

  • No shoes ( we like to keep ours at the bottom of the stairs)

  • Rinse off feet at foot rinse at the entrance from the street to the round pool.

  • No Pets

  • Do not hang anything over the balcony.  Please use hooks

  • No spinning on the hammock chairs, it breaks the string.



  • All Guests (and any Visitors) must comply with all House Rules and any other instructions from the Baja Beach Pad owners during their stay; and

  • Guests must notify the Property Manager of any disputes or complaints from neighbors as soon as reasonably practicable.



  • Guests are fully responsible for the safety and security of their children at all times, as well as any disturbance caused to other residents in the Neighborhood; Guests and Visitors must keep noise to a minimum as not to disturb the occupants of neighboring properties – especially during nighttime hours (e.g. 10pm – 8am), and upon arrival and departure;

  • Excessive noise is prohibited at all times and may result in termination of the vacation rental agreement, eviction, loss of rental paid and extra charges which may be deducted from the Security Deposit;



  • Guests are allowed a maximum of 4 visitors at any time during their stay.

  • Guests are responsible for ensuring maximum visitor numbers are not exceeded; and that.

  • Visitors are complicit with these House Rules.

  • Any additional overnight Visitors must be approved in advance during the booking process.  $25 additional guest fee for 4 + guest.  Guest total may not exceed 6 occupants.



  • Parties and large gatherings of any kind are strictly prohibited at the Vacation Rental; and

  • Any small gathering must comply with other rules set regarding Noise, the Neighborhood and Visitor numbers.



  • After arriving and finding the Beach Pad, guests and any Visitors are asked to park at the entrance closest to the unit.



  • Any time Guests leave the Vacation Rental, it is their responsibility to ensure all windows and doors are closed/locked to maintain security and prevent rain and water damage.



  • Guests must switch off lights, air conditioning, and electronics such as televisions when not in use to promote energy saving.

  • It is not permitted to leave the air conditioning on when Guests are absent from the Vacation Rental but fans can be left on.



  • Please read pool rules located beside the pool.



  • Hanging or storage of clothing, towels, or other items on balcony or porch railings is prohibited.

  • Please place towels on loungers to protect the cushions from dirty feet, dust, sunscreen and sweat.



  • Smoking  is not permitted inside the Baja Beach Pad on the rooftop or in the common areas of the resort.



  • Pets  are not permitted at the the Baja Beach Pad.



  • All Damages and Breakages must be reported as soon as reasonably practicable. Failure to report them will likely result in a penalty deduction from the security deposit. And;

  • To avoid Damages and Breakages, no furniture is to be moved without prior agreement. Also;

  • No bathroom towels are to be removed from the property (i.e. for beach use). Separate pool and beach towels are provided for this purpose.

  • Any beach toys, chairs or umbrellas must be returned to the Beach Pad after use.

  • Please do not allow your children to place their feets on the walls in the bedrooms.  Foot dust and moisture is extremely difficult to remove from the wall.